Cenxus Group


Asset Management

Real Estate Trading Support

Cenxus will broker real estate sales and purchases in line with client requirements.
Specifically, if inherited property is real estate and immediate monetization is necessary to pay taxes, we support the processes from selling real estate for monetization based on simulated tax payment amounts to actually paying the taxes. In such cases, we offer tax return filing for capital gains on the transfer, as well as searching and brokering the rental property to move in if the property for sale is a home.

Real Estate Leasing Support

According to the requirements of clients, we broker the leasing of an office or company housing. We also provide tax-planning simulations that include the calculation of the rents for company housing as an expense.

Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate values change depending on the time, place, and owner. Real estate has many prices for one property, but there are situations that require the objective appraisal of value. This includes inheritance tax appraisals, negotiating building and ground rents, and contributions in kind. We provide real-estate appraisal reports prepared by real-estate appraisers as one-stop services.

Life Insurance Agent

We recommend life insurance products individualized for corporate and other clients, including term insurance to save funds for the retirement of directors, and whole life insurance, annuity insurance, and care insurance for the effective use of income tax deductions, as well as other insurance products.

Non-Life Insurance Agent

As a non-life insurance agent, non-life insurance policies are acquired on behalf of our clients, including fire and automobile insurance. Consolidating contacts for all small-amount insurance policies, which involves document exchanges and communication, into an accounting firm, increases operational efficiency.