Cenxus Group


Diverse Service Lines

Cenxus Group Accounting and Tax Consulting Property Tax Overseas Business Asset Management Audit

  1. Providing new business opportunities by leveraging our expertise and connections
  2. Maximizing profits by improving operational efficiency
  3. Asset formation from real estate, insurance, and other products

Proposals catered to your management style

Based on our understanding of your company acquired through continuous involvement in the company’s management, we propose services appropriate for your company’s situation and the lifestyle of the executives. Cenxus Group certified public accountants and tax accountants have extensive advisory experience and can offer consultations that consider the case examples of other companies.

The in-depth consultations from Cenxus professionals include viewpoints and opinions not available from people around nor understood by people outside the industry.

What you gain from Cenxus advisory services
  1. External contact for consultations on corporate management
  2. Proposals catered to the efficient use of funds, tax planning, and other financial matters


Cenxus services are available in English, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to Japanese.


Services Experience
Advisory Number of cases involved, mainly general operating companies: approximately 300 business operators (as of April 2016)
Account closing
Tax filing for corporations and individuals
Payroll, year-end tax adjustment, statutory report preparation
Social insurance administration
Support for startups
Tax services for real estate transfer Annual number of cases involved: 50 cases or more
Inheritance tax services
Administrative support upon consultation
Overseas businesses US, European, and Chinese companies
Overseas businesses Real Estate Transaction License Registration No.: Tokyo No.96484
Life/non-life insurance agency
Statutory audits Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Companies Act, incorporated educational institutions, LPS, etc.