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Accounting and Tax Consulting

Outsourcing Accounting Operations

■Bookkeeping service

Corporations and individuals in business need to file a tax return once a year. Tax returns are required regardless of profit or loss and are thus the obligation of anyone in business. The filing of tax returns involves the preparation of financial statements, which in turn require bookkeeping knowledge, accounting software, and personnel expenses. Cenxus offers bookkeeping services for the preparation of financial statements.


The use of this service increases the operational efficiency of your business because you concentrate management resources on boosting sales, while we are responsible for the bookkeeping. All you need to do is the following.

  1. Send receipts, sales books, and other necessary documents to us
  2. Send bank withdrawals and deposits for cash and deposits

You can also further reduce administrative labor and expedite financial closing by using the deposit book service.

■Deposit book service

We will manage receipts and disbursements of your corporate and other bank accounts, submit remittances, and prepare the statements of receipts and disbursements.

  1. Save time and effort spent on remittance and preparation
  2. Save time and effort spent on bankbook entries and document submission to an accounting firm
  3. No need to visit the bank
  4. Prepare the statement of receipts and disbursements
  5. Expedite financial closing

This service together with the bookkeeping service means you can reduce administrative labor significantly.
Note: This service requires a separate online banking contract.

■Payroll Service

Payroll operations involve the calculation of withholding taxes, social insurance contributions, and employment insurance premiums. Since withholding tax and other deductions are subject to revision on an ad-hoc basis, constant follow-up is required. Paying withholding taxes and social insurance contributions add to the administrative burden. We provide full payroll services (calculation of payrolls, calculation and payment of withholding taxes, social/employment insurance calculations, year-end tax adjustments, and filing of statutory reports).

  1. No in-house payroll calculations
  2. No planning for printing paper and other materials for pay slips
  3. No need to respond to law revisions
  4. No processing for withholding tax payments
  5. No administrative labor for annual year-end adjustments
■Sales Management Service

In principle, sales for tax purposes must be booked on a receivable basis—at the time when a right to receive money is fixed, not when receiving cash. Therefore, a sales book must be created in order to capture sales as they accrue. In addition, depending on the type of business, invoices are issued for B2B transactions. Payments must be confirmed after booking receivables. We offer sales management services from recording sales to invoicing and payment confirmation. Specifically, we prepare the sales book, issue invoices, and manage receivables.

  1. Save time and effort spent on creating a sales book
  2. Reduce the work of issuing invoices
  3. Identify missed or incorrect payments through management of receivables for the proper collection of sales proceeds
  4. Expedite financial closing

You will reduce administrative costs and labor significantly by using this service together with bookkeeping and deposit book services.

Tax Preparation Service

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, you need to prepare returns, which are difficult without certain knowledge. In addition, tax rates and items often change after a revision of the taxation system. Tax benefits and deductions under tax laws change from year to year, requiring extensive knowledge and work to remain updated. Furthermore, unfamiliar tax items for consumption tax, depreciable assets tax and business office tax can also arise unexpectedly. This service prepares the appropriate return reports on your behalf in accordance with up-to-date tax rules.

  1. No need to create a tax return in-house
  2. Minimize the administrative work for tax returns to paying taxes based on the tax forms from Cenxus
  3. Timely reporting of revisions in the tax system and new tax filing obligations

Startup Support

We offer full support from the day you decide to start a business to the actual opening of the business. Our services include registration of incorporation, preparation and advice, and filing notifications with a tax office/prefectural office of taxation bureau. We offer full support in starting a business, including brokerage of office property leasing and the creation of the company logo, website, business cards, and stationery.

Corporate Value and Share Value Appraisal Service

M&A execution and issuance of share acquisition rights at prices without a proper foundation could cause tax issues, external management responsibilities, or other unforeseeable events. Therefore, appraisal of share values and share options are essential. Private companies require the fair appraisal of share values for business succession, sale of a company, and inheritance. We provide corporate value appraisals by certified public accountants with thorough knowledge of the field.

Examples of Services
    • Purchase value appraisal for requesting the purchase of negotiable shares
    • Share value appraisal for business succession
    • Share value appraisal for inheritance under the Inheritance Tax Act
    • Share value appraisal under the listing standards for companies preparing for public offering
    • Share value appraisal for equity financing for a capital increase by allotment of shares to a third party
    • Appraisal of preferred shares
    • Appraisal of purchase prices for takeover bid
    • Share option appraisal

Financial Due Diligence

Pre-M&A due diligence is one of our services. Specifically, we investigate the acquisition challenges and post-merger considerations of personnel deployment by checking the target company’s financial position for the existence of assets and the possibility of unlisted liabilities, as well as business processes and the use of professionals.

Appointment to Outside Director or other Positions as External Professionals

Leveraging our knowledge as accounting professionals, we accept appointments to officer and committee member positions as outside directors, outside auditors, third-party committee members for investigating wrongdoings, or external experts for bids by public sector organizations.