Cenxus Group


  1. Yoshimasa Kamiya

    Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant
    Hometown: Anjyo-shi, Aichi
    School: Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University, Okazaki High School

Education and Work History

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University
Joined Brother Industries, Ltd.
Passed the second-stage of Certified Public Accountant Examination
Joined the IPO division of KPMG AZSA & Co. (currently, KPMG AZSA LLC)
Passed the third-stage Certified Public Accountant Examination
Registered as Certified Public Accountant
Transferred to the public sector accounting division in KPMG AZSA
Registered as Tax Accountant
Joined Cenxus Group

Committee Membership

  • Outside Auditor,JASDAQ(incumbent)

Areas of Specialty

Incorporate educational institutions / NPOs / restaurant business / preparation of consolidated financial statements / accounting support / tax investigation response / financial due diligence